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Plate Heat Exchange Apply For Static Head Isolation

Refrigeration Plate Heat Exchanger with 1 oC temperature approaching, Dismountable Insulation Jacket with Drip Tray also included.

Schmidt API Sigma K114 EPDM Gasket Replacement
For service purpose, we need change the gaskets of Schmidt-API Sigma K114 by identical replacement EPDM gaskets.During first service process, the Schmidt-API could not keep pressure and suffer terrible leakage during the operating.
Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger Apply For VCM Vapor Condenser
The spiral plate heat exchanger will carry out “VCM” Vapor and non-condensate gas, 100% condensate into “VCM” liquid, and non-condensate gas will separately remove of VCM. Actually, this spiral plate heat exchanger works as a condenser.
The original spiral plate heat exchanger is provided by Alfa Laval, will finish its duty after 5 years operation. Would “SHINEHEAT” carry out this duty in satisfactory way?
Shineheat Plate Heat Exchanger Apply For Caustic Soda Cooler
In Chlor-alkali chemical plant, the Caustic Soda Solution need to cool or thermal recycle during the production process. Plate and Gasket Heat Exchanger or Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger play the important role during cooling or heat exchanging process.
In order to make qualified products, the Caustic Soda Solution need to reach specific temperature range. This job is definitely implemented by High efficient Plate type heat exchanger.
Processing Pure Water Cooler Apply For Semiconductor Industry
In Semiconductor Industry, the processing water need to be cooling by Plate Heat Exchanger.
The Plate Heat Exchanger requests high Sanitary Standard in view Dusty-free plant conditions. The entire frame for Plate Heat Exchanger need to be Sanitary Frame, so we used Solid SS304 Stainless Steel as frame, with Sanitary Quick Coupler connection.
Welded Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Apply For Iran Chemcial Plant
Original Application Data Sheet for Welded Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger
Spx Apv Tr9 Titainium Plate Heat Exchanger Identically Replacement Project
In view of Space limitation at Installation Space, the customer only allow “5 mm” size deviations on “In-build” Plate Heat Exchanger as to original drawing

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